The Journey Begins...

The Journey Begins...
" Remember that imagination is the faculty of the soul and that when it suggests new pathways to us we are being invited to explore the territory of the soul in ways that will certainly change and re-enchant us." - Caitlin Matthews


Energy Retrieval is a Healing technique that Restores Balance, Harmony and personal Power to an Individual.

In this Course You Will Learn:

* How to call back your energy ~ you will call it back from the mountains, the ocean, the valleys, from another person, from another time and space, from dream-time and the worlds between..
* To send away any energies from past experiences, people or places that you no longer want to carry
* By doing this you will begin to create change at the source where quick and deep transformation can occur.

The Purpose of the Course
is to teach you how to rid yourself of any residue energy that may be causing you ill health, depression or incompleteness.

Those who have experienced early childhood trauma often carry around a traumatic imprint or reactions from the original injury. If you are showing signs of the symptoms of Post traumatic stress syndrome, Energy Retrieval may be able to assist you in bringing you back into present time and assist you to release your reactions to the trauma.

You Will Also learn:
* To be aware of your reactions to situations and other people.
* That being present is very important if you want to live a happy life.
* How to cleanse your energy (your aura) body
* Break old patterns - remove the "magnets" that draw the same situations to your life.
* Understand the root cause behind physical illness

Goals of this Course:
The goal of this exercise is to get rid of unwanted energies, giving you back your full power, so you have the energy to create your life in a meaningful way. By practicing this exercise you may gain increased personal power, clarity of purpose and life direction, the possibility of the healing of physical injury and illness, and a shift to a positive state of consciousness.


1) The text manual: Returning Home ~ Energy Retrieval

2) The Assignment manual: For the Returning Home Journey
- this manual includes all of your instructions and exercises to complete the Returning home Journey.

3) Online classes on Skype for assistance and course review

4) A certificate upon completion of this training

mp3 audio files

1) Energy Retrieval Journey: Returning Home (two mp3 audio files)
2) Physically Breaking the Mirrors Process
3) Radiating Meditation and several other mediations

YOUR INVESTMENT: $145.00 (Canadian $)

To register for this Correspondence Course: Please contact Sue Peters at

Payment is made either by PayPal or E-transfer. Please contact me for more details.


Please be advised that it is not the intention of this course to provide medical advice, or to substitute for the role of a physician in treating illness. The information is provided with the understanding that you act upon it at your own risk.

Sue Peters, RMT, Life Coach, Energy Medicine Facilitator



Our Locked Energy

It is our energy locked in all the occasions, emotions, fears, hopes and pains, people and places in the past that draws us back and we are not free. As we are energy creations, we saturate with our energy all the place and situation in the moment, so we have to unlock/free all that energy and recollect these our parts from the past, also have to free all non-our energy that is in us. It is a basic and important practice in the path of the warrior of knowledge ~ Ancient Toltecs

Specific clues about lost or scattered energy can be heard in people's language:

" Our only obligation is to be free ourselves to whatever we experience. " - Alberto Villoldo
  1. My sense of security has gone out the window
  2. I lost my innocence
  3. He stole my heart
  4. She had me by the balls
  5. My allegiance is still with the company
  6. I have no memory of those years at all
  7. I loved that place
  8. I wish we had never moved.

" Energetic Defense Systems " ~ Barbara Brennan

" Energetic Defense Systems "  ~ Barbara Brennan
ALL interactions with others send powerful streams of energy back and forth, which have a great effect upon our relationships. We can send energies that are positive and uplifting or we can send energies that violate and disturb. If you do not have healthy emotional boundaries with another, your emotional energies will often become enmeshed

The Benefits of Energy Retrieval

"The dawning of the light of awareness is the new birth, where the sun rises and the day breaks within you." ~ Alberto Villoldo

* Removes energy blocks
* Corrects chakra imbalances
* Cleanses your energy (your aura) body
* Breaks old Patterns - removes the "magnets" that draw the same situations to your life.
* Helps you to understand the root cause behind physical illness and can heal it
* Can heal emotional trauma and conditioning from childhood
* Can heal deep emotional trauma and conditioning from sexual abuse
* Can heal emotional pain and patterns from relationships
* Removes energy attachments and assists them on their way home
* Can heal yourself, your ancestors and future generations
* Restores your soul wholeness - retrieve missing parts of yourself
* Reconnects with spirit / Creator
* Changes limiting or negative beliefs
* Removes the restrictions that stop you from feeling free, light and positive about your life
* Can enable the body to heal from physical injury or ailment
* Removes phobias
* Can release negative behavioral patterns
* Helps you to understand the reasons behind weight issues or eating/drinking disorders
* Removes and can heal the need for dependencies
* Helps you to understand yourself
* Can correct relationship issues
* Can prevent future illness/disease
* You can achieve your dreams - be all that you can - Liberate your life!

Symptoms of Energy Loss can include but are not limited to:

Addictions, depression, fatigue, low self-esteem, chronic illness, inability to heal, shame or feelings of guilt, feelings of unworthiness, not feeling one's personal power, suicidal tendencies, repetitive sicknesses, inability to release some emotional trauma from the past such as death, divorce and other loss, misfortune, faulty relationships, associated with physical or sexual abuse, death of a loved one or severe or chronic illness. Repressed, forgotten and gaps in memory could also be an effect of soul loss.



Breaking the Mirrors

Breaking the Mirrors
Breaking a mirror is giving the brain a signal that you are damaging, changing or altering yourself. So what you are actually doing, with intention, when you break a mirror is breaking old unwanted beliefs and superstition, allowing positive change to happen.

The Symbol of the Mirror

In the Returning Home Journey, you will be using a technique called: “Breaking the Mirrors”. Everything in your body is a mirror. This means that the body uses the symbol of the mirror ~ everything is done in pairs, they are exactly opposite, like Yin and Yang, Left and Right…. Mirrors are the major symbol for the language for genetic, atomic structure. The mirror represents the unmannifested side of you or the unconscious part of you, the past that you haven’t yet tapped into or are afraid to touch.

By using the symbol of the mirror, it will reach the portion of your brain that knows how to work with your genetic structure in the mirroring principle of your chromosomes. You will be working deep within the RNA and DNA of the cell structure, altering old patterning that has been passed to you from generation to generation. You will also be changing any unwanted patterns that you have created in this lifetime.

The Journey

The Journey
"I am part of all that I have met." ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson


" In the hall of mirrors, you are everywhere. Which is the real you? Find your original Self, the one who perceives all the reflections and is amused by them. Then you will recognize your path and walk it, no longer stumbling over your many false selves." ~ Alberto Villoldo

When you begin the Returning Home Journey, you will take yourself into a Room of Mirrors (within the cells of your body), it will be like a maze of mirrors. There may be many rooms or it may contain rooms within rooms. Regardless of what it looks like, the Room of Mirrors will be different for each person.

It is within this Room of Mirrors (deep within your cellular structure) where you will do the reprogramming of the RNA & DNA. You can program and reprogram everything from the atomic, cellular and genetic patterning or energy flows, and this ties into the way in which most things about you function.

This room symbolizes the cellular/genetic structure within your physical body. So when you go into the Room of Mirrors you will program whatever you are trying to reprogram. In this Room, you cannot hide from yourself; you will see all sides of you.

A Room of Mirrors

A Room of Mirrors
This Room of Mirrors is the illness, pain or emotion. It will be the source of your pain. So, you are going to the source … and this room holds the source of the problem. " Release, restore and dream anew." ~ Alberto Villoldo


"You are the only one who creates in your experience - no one else. Everything that comes to you by the power of your thought. If there are changes you would like to make, it will be of great value to begin telling a different story - not only about your body, but also about all subjects that have been troubling to you. As you begin to feel so good about so many subjects, you will begin to feel the power that creates worlds flowing through you." ~ Abraham Hicks